Doing business in other continents can be difficult  because of distances ,language barriers and knowledge about products and regulation. But also for companies that have a lot of experience in buying abroad, this can be a time robbing process. Do you have the experience that your confirmed samples are different than the mass production delivery? Does everything seem possible at the start but during the process, it seems that more and more things must be changed? We can hand u the solution to take care of your purchase and controlling process.

Our accurate global selected network can bring worlds together, and support you in creating your perfect product or range. Regularly, we will pro-actively update you about the status without any questions from your side. We will advise and accompany you during the process. With our broad experience, we know how to combine different products and materials to create a perfect match for your range. As an extra service, we inform you also about new trends and novelties in the beauty segment supplemented with fashion products.

You can save money and time to use our existing knowledge and network. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We already did for you.

If your are interested in our services, please contact us by E-mail: ,  one of our sales professionals will contact you within 48 hours.